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Fright Factory Auditions

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Auditions are over for our 2017 season.

"Our actors can be described in a single word -- merciless!"


Click here to fill out the 2017 online application form prior to auditioning.


1. Do I need to prepare a monologue?

No. Leave the Shakespeare and your favorite Star Wars quotes at home. We will tell you what to do at the audition.

2. Should I come in costume? Do I have to dress up?

You have to wear clothes. If you want to cover yourself in (fake) blood and ragged clothing, then shuffle on down. You want to wear a way-too small Spiderman costume? Swing on in. You're coming right from your corporate job and are wearing a suit and tie? Lame, but whatever. Remember we want to see how great a performer you are, not that you spent $600 on your cosplay fanboy/girl outfit.

3. Can I bring a friend along who wants to apply?

Assuming your friend isn’t imaginary, then yes. Tell your friend to fill out the online application.

4. How much and when do we get paid?

You do get paid, but if you’re doing this for the money, then don’t bother to audition. Seriously. We don’t want you. We want haunters who are passionate, energetic, will show up on time, and who are a little bit crazy.

5. When will I know if I have been hired?

A few days after your audition, you will receive an email letting you know if you will be joining our cast or not. Don’t call. Don’t ask us on our Facebook page. Don’t send us an email 10 minutes after your audition. Unlike other haunts, we will let you know either way if you will be joining the Fright Factory family or not.